burglary door repair

door / frame repair reinforcing

Door Repairs & Door Reinforcing: 24-Hour Emergency Service

Whether your property entrance has recently suffered an attempted burglary or break-in or your doors and frames need reinforcing to ensure the safety of the people and belongings behind them, you need a quick, efficient solution.

Mr. Key offers a 24 hours emergency service to repair doors following a break-in. Even if it’s not an emergency, we guarantee effective, reliable door and frame repairs and reinforcing, either temporary following a burglary or to provide a longer-term solution. We also offer preventative security solutions to increase your doors’ fire and smoke rating and protect door users from injury.

All Doors Repaired, Reinforced Or Enhanced

Is your door warped, split or fallen? Are the hinges in need of replacement or repair? Have you recently experienced an attempted burglary that has damaged your door? Do you need urgent, temporary burglary repairs or longer term preventative reinforcement? Do you need to improve the fire proof rating of your doors or take precautionary measures to stop small fingers getting trapped between doors and

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