door closers repair and installation

Mr. Key DMV offers door closer services to residential and commercial clients in DC Maryland area. We provide door closer installation and adjustment, repair, replacement and maintenance

Door closers make opening and closing doors easy and safe. There are two main categories: manual door closers and automatic door closers. Manual door closers are opened by push, and gently close afterwards. Automatic door closers use electrical energy to open and close the door, making them ideal for disabled persons and for smooth entry and exit.

We work with the highest quality door closer manufacturers, including: Dorma, Norton, LCN, Corbin Russwin, Sargent, Rixson, Yale, Falcon, Hagar, S. Parker, Dor-O-Matic and CRL Jackson, and offer all types of door closer: surface mounted door closer, overhead concealed door closer and floor mounted door closer.

door closers main types:

  • Floor Mounted 
    Door Closer
  • Overhead Concealed 
    Door Closer
  • Surface Mounted
    Door Closer

Door Closer Installation & Adjustments

Mr. Key DMV specialize in the installation and adjustment of door closers for all types of doors and frames, including interior or exterior doors, heavy duty doors, fire doors, sliding doors, metal doors, aluminum doors, wood doors, gates and more.

Our door closer specialists can suggest the right door closers to meet your needs, and install them professionally for optimum results. We work in full compliance with DC Maryland building and fire codes. and only install door closers that are UL listed. Contact us today to speak to our specialists about installing and adjusting a door closer.

Door Closer Repair and Replacement Parts

If your existing door closer is in need of repair, Mr. Key DMV can help. Door closers can break or malfunction, lose strength, become difficult to open or close, or may need an extra big push to fully latch. So if your door closer not working properly, not strong enough, loose arm or leaking oil, we can repair it or replace the broken parts, leaving you with a door closer that is as a good as new.

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