master key system

Mr. Key DMV is an expert master key locksmith company operating in DC Maryland area We provide full services for master key lock systems, including design, installation, replacement, duplication, and repair. We can also rekey your existing locks to create a master key system, without replacing hardware.

We offer master key system services to residential and commercial clients throughout DC Maryland are, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, Hyattsville, College Park, District Heights and Marlow Heights. We also offer 24-hour emergency lock change services when you most need us!

By definition, master keying is defined as the process of two or more different keys operating a lock or a group of locks. It doesn’t matter if it is a large or small system. If, for example, an office building has several office door locks where each one is operated on a different key, a building master key can operate all of these locks.

Mr. Key DMV design your master key system for your company. Mr. key has designed many master key systems for corporations and institutions

The Convenience of Master Keys

A master key system adds convenience to a building with many suites, hotels, schools, universities, warehouses, airports, and hospitals. The convenience of a master key system is necessary for janitorial services, management, maintenance, and of course emergencies. In these cases, only one or two keys can be used instead of a large key ring consisting of every key in a building.

The Master key System’s Security Potential

With some master key systems, sub-master keys can be made to open individual departments within a corporation. This further adds more convenience to a master key system. For additional security, locks and keys can be generated on a restricted keyway. This type of system will prevent employees from having keys duplicated.

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