panic / push bar repair & installation

Mr. Key offers professional panic bar installation and repair services throughout DC Maryland are, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, Hyattsville, College Park, District Heights and Marlow Heights.

High traffic doors need locks that can handle the added strain of being used constantly. The most demanding environments for a lock are institutional settings like apartment buildings, schools, and hospitals. These settings have people running into doors with large objects, kicking doors open, and possibly even trying to destroy the lock or door.

Of course the locks that are installed on these doors are more expensive. A doorknob from the hardware store might not last one day on the front door of a school, even if it were legal to install a doorknob there. No, time has shown that the only reasonable locking solution for such a door is a panic bar, also known as a pushbar. It is the only exit device that can handle a constant stream of people coming and going, many with a complete disregard for the facility they are in.

A panic bar is designed for this use and abuse. Like a crosswalk button, it is designed for muttonheads to stand there hitting it as hard as they can over and over until the light changes, as if hitting it harder or a few more times might have some effect on the speed of the light cycle. In the event of a fire a panic bar exit device is ideal because in zero visibility it is the easiest kind of lock to operate, hence the name panic bar. Schools usually buy Von Duprin panic bars. They are very expensive at $800-1800 per, but they can survive kicking and carts running into them all day and every day. For a less demanding environment, a less expensive panic bar can be appropriate. The important question is how many times per day the door will be exited.

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